Rotating cubes.


A couple of days ago I got 3 LIS3LV02DQ accelerometers from Sparkfun electronics.
Today I finished a working demo showing a cube that rotates as you rotate the device.
This accelerometer has some good documentation to learn how to use it. There is also a post in some blog with a specific example for the arduino.
That example didn’t work for me, but when I wasn’t sure about something, it did help to take a peek at it. Reading the datasheet carefully is extremely important.
The arduino has built-in SPI support, which helps a lot since the accelerometer uses SPI (or I^2C) to communicate. However, it is bound to 4 specific pins in the board, and if I’m going to use the 3 accelerometers at the same time without any additional hardware, I am going to have to write a software implementation, since I would be using 12 pins.
The interface to the arduino was written in C++. It uses libSerial, which makes communicating with the arduino almost as trivial as when using Python.


2 thoughts on “Rotating cubes.

  1. HI SergioI am Nipun Batra from Delhi College of Engineering,Delhi,India.I want to do serial interfacing(RS-232)real time into a GUI.I have beeen trying out on jAVA for some time.Is the same possible real time in flash.IF then ,how is it possible.I have not been very successful with java so far.and how can the same thing be done in linux.Awaiting your response at my mail id:

  2. Hi Sergio, I am Ping from Thailand. I'm a computer engineer. Your Rotateing Cubes very cool.I'm new user for the Arduino Mega. and I got the sensor "Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout – ADXL345".Now I try to search how I can connect sensor to the Arduino and program (C++ win) to send data from Arduino to my computer to receive data show on screen.Could you suggest me. How I counnect between board and sensor?How we coding in C++ win to receive data from Arduino board?Plase.. suggest me.My email

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