Interviewing for a Microsoft Internship (Part one)


I haven’t posted anything in quite a while now; I figured this is a good time to start writing again. It was not an uneventful year, but I didn’t feel like writing.

A couple of months ago I got an email sent to the CS students at UNAM about Microsoft recruiters coming to interview people who wanted to do an internship. The day before I spat out a résumé and decided to go. They did a presentation and asked some coding questions to the audience. Some guy got a Zune for answering something. I got a frisbee for participating…

A mexican Microsoft employee talked with me for about 30 seconds and then asked me to write code on a piece of paper to recognize a very simple regular expression. When I finished, he told me that I shouldn’t have used pseudocode. That if I made it to the next interview, it could kill me.

I didn’t feel very confident; wasn’t sure if I’d make it to the next step.

I got an email a couple of weeks later asking me to go to the Microsoft Mexico offices to be interviewed by someone called Manav. The interview, during which I had to write an algorithm to check if two rectangles collide, lasted around 25 minutes. Since I like making games, I have written that thing a thousand times; still, I got nervous and screwed up one of the cases. He told me and I had to correct it.
The interviewer was really nice. I told him that I recognized him; that I had googled him (In retrospect, maybe it would have been better to say I binged him =P). He asked me if I had any questions and all I could think to ask was “How did I do?”

It took them a while (more than a month) to send me an email. An hour ago I got one inviting me to Puerto Vallarta to be interviewed once again next week. I wasn’t sure about it, since I told him that I was a graphics geek and then had trouble writing in the whiteboard one of the most common things to write in graphics. Still, I landed the interview and I am feeling confident that I can do well.

It is the last week of my school term, so this means that starting today my time will be mostly spent practicing Topcoder problems, and not so much studying and doing homework. I may have to speak to a teacher to take the exam/turn in the homework after the interview.

I really hope to get hired. It would be an amazing experience.


3 thoughts on “Interviewing for a Microsoft Internship (Part one)

  1. Quiovo Sergio,Soy Manuel, nos encontramos en puerto vallarta para la entrevista, me encontre de casualidad con tu blog. Te mando un saludo y felicidades por la oferta… Nos vemos en Seattle :)

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